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OKLAHOMA CITY – A mother of three from Texas is fighting for her life in the intensive care unit at an Oklahoma hospital.

She has been there since the Fourth of July after being in a terrible four-wheeling accident in Prague.

Our crews spoke with the victim’s mother, who said there was drinking involved and hopes the public takes away a strong message about ATV safety.

“My daughter, from what we understand, her head hit the guard rail and has a brain injury,” said Neco Barrett.

Neco Barett is still trying to piece together the day of the crash.

It was on the 4th of July when her daughter and three others were in a four-wheeling accident in Prague.

“It sounds as if one stopped and the other one rear ended the other,” said Barrett .

The two men driving the ATVs walked away with minor injuries.

However, both female passengers were thrown off the vehicles.

“She’s fighting, she’s a strong, strong lady,” said Barrett.

Rebecca Reese is the only one left in the hospital. She is undergoing surgery so doctors can remove part of her skull and insert drain tubes to release some of the pressure that is on her brain.

Barrett misses talking with her daughter but says there’s a lesson to be learned here, to not drink and drive.

“Be safe on four-wheelers, just be careful. Stay on the proper areas to ride on the four-wheelers,” said Barrett.

While the medical bills are piling up, Barrett is worried about her daughter’s three small children back in Garland, Texas.

“She won’t be able to work for some time, so we’re raising money to take care of her and the kids,” said Barrett.

She also wants to thank the person who apparently stopped to help the women when they were unconscious and waited with them until help arrived.

“What angels they are to stop, to save these girls’ lives,” said Barrett.

OU Medical Center has one of the leading ATV safety programs in the nation, which educates the public on safety gear and tips.