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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother is speaking out after she says her son with special needs was bullied at a local elementary school.

“Angry. Where was his protection? Why wasn’t I notified?” concerned parent Kertrina Williams Swindall said.

Swindall is reacting after she says her son was bullied at Willow Brook Elementary School.

“April 4th to be exact, he was pushed twice and hit in the head” Swindall said.

Her son,9-year-old Joseph Davis, struggles with a form of autism, epilepsy, and a speech delay.

His mom says that doesn’t hold him back.

“His test scores show that he is ready and that he is capable to do the work” Swindall said.

She says he spends some time throughout the day in a special needs classroom.

“Because in his special needs classroom, he is safe” she said.

When he isn’t in that classroom, she says he’s experienced his worst nightmare.

“He was punched in the head, he was punched in the back, he was punched in the stomach” Swindall said.

Swindall said she wasn’t notified of the April 4th incident, until over four hours after it happened.

“They didn’t go into much detail … she told me that there was an incident at school and Joseph was pushed. She did not tell me that he was hit in the head. She did not tell me that he was crying and emotional,” she said.

She says Joseph ended up in the hospital from seizures the next day.

“So now my child has to wake up in the middle of the night, screaming, ‘Stop stop!’ It’s just not the physical damage, but the emotional damage is done,” Swindall said.

She showed News 4 a letter from one of Joseph’s doctors.

The letter is addressed to the principal after Swindall says a previous bullying incident happened late last year.

“After being aware of situation after situation, you`d think you would wanna keep your eye on this kid,” Swindall said.

News 4 reached out to Oklahoma City Public Schools. The district sent us the following statement:

“On Thursday, April 4th, an incident occurred at Willow Brook Elementary between several students. School leadership responded immediately and initiated an investigation, which included outreach to all families of the students involved. As always, the safety of students and staff is our top priority.”

But Swindall says she hasn’t heard anything from the school since April 4th.

“If my child comes to you and he`s crying, you should notify me instantly, not just because he has epilepsy, but because he`s emotional and that`s part of his disability,” she said.

She says one of her goals is to keep this from happening to somebody else.

“We need answers … why was Joseph failed?” Swindall said.

Swindall says she has spoken to the Midwest City Police Department about the incident.