KINGFISHER, Okla. (KFOR) – An air of controversy hung over the town of Kingfisher Monday, after a sign was posted in the window of the 89-ER Movie Theater warning parents they were going to fast forward through a scene of the new animated movie “Lightyear”.

The scene in question occurs near the beginning of the film, and shows two women briefly kissing; it has been banned in several other countries because of the scene.  

The sign was reportedly posted over the weekend and KFOR became aware it was shared repeatedly on social media, and after a viewer sent in a copy of the photo.

A content warning for the 89-ER for the popular animated film Lightyear. Image courtesy Jacqueline Williams

As of Monday afternoon, it had been removed.

Lightyear was rated ‘PG’, or ‘Parental Guidance Suggested: some material may not be suitable for children,’ meaning the movie should be investigated further by parents.

Movie ratings were established in 1968, and according to The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA),  as a tool to help parents determine if a movie is suitable for their kids to watch.  

“That poster [that] the Kingfisher theater posted upset me a bit,” said Jacqueline Williams, a parent who was taking her son to see the movie at another theater and saw a post about the warning on Facebook.

“I don’t want my child to be afraid of anyone based on who they love or what their orientation is,” she added. “And I feel like that poster breeds fear.”

Jacqueline said it was only the second time ever that she’d taken her son to see a movie in a theater; she told KFOR that it’s her responsibility as a parent to decide what her young pre-schooler sees.

“I think it’s not giving parents a choice,” she said about the idea of fast forwarding through the movie. “If I’m taking my kid to see the movie, chances are I know what the movie is going to have and I’m going to understand it.”

Jacqueline Williams viewing the movie with her son at another theater Monday. Image courtesy Jacqueline Williams

And I’ve chosen to take my kid there anyways,” she added.

Theater management declined an interview with KFOR; they also did not respond to additional questions about why they posted the sign, or if they’ve posted similar warnings for other movies in the past.

The other movie showing at the theater, Jurassic World Dominion, is rated PG-13. No warning was posted about that film.

As Williams entered the morning matinee with her husband and son, she said the kiss represented an opportunity to teach a lesson, rather than breed a culture of fear.  

“It’s important to start having conversations with them early so you can help them navigate that world,” she said.

“I don’t want my child to ever be afraid of somebody or less kind of somebody because of their orientation or who they love.”