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MARIETTA, Okla. – Several Marietta homes have been damaged after a possible tornado tore through the town Tuesday morning.

“My backdoor flew open. Debris, wind, rain, water just flying into our house,” said Lauren Love. “There was wind and, I promise, I thought the train was right outside my bedroom door-window. And, then, all of the sudden, this house shook like we were having an earthquake.”

At least seven homes were damaged and one had its entire roof torn off by the wind.

“We just removed a tree from one of the houses that were affected,” said Ashleigh Gillham with the county’s emergency management team. “Right now, utilities, they’re going around trying to get power back on.”

Workers were removing snapped trees and power poles so utility crews could fix broken lines.

“I think everybody’s thankful because I don’t think anybody was injured,” Love said.

Authorities said, even though the storm intensified quickly, no injuries were reported.