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EDMOND, Okla.– It was raining the afternoon of April 17, 2016.

It certainly didn’t help matters much as witnesses reported a driver who was “speeding, changing lanes unsafely, passing other motorists on the grass median to the left of the fast lane and passing other motorists on the right hand should and on exit ramps,” according to court documents.

Investigators say David Blair II smashed through the cable barrier on I-35 just north of Covell and his Ford Expedition crashed head on into a minivan carrying a father and his two year old daughter.

Court documents say “No physical evidence at the scene was found that would suggest that Mr. Blair attempted to stop the Ford in the median, as any reasonable and prudent person would do.”

That crash killed Philip Hess and his two year old daughter, Alexandria.

The passenger in Blair’s vehicle, Tiffany Valenzuela, died almost three months later in the hospital.

Dena Porter had to swerve that afternoon as Blair almost collided with her.

She watched what happened next in her rearview mirror.

“And I saw him hit the vehicle. And I saw a flame of fire,” said Porter. “I have wondered for quite some time. What’s happened? Did he die? You know, since I hadn’t heard anything.”

Blair was injured in the crash and transported to the hospital in critical condition.

That’s why he wasn’t immediately arrested, but months have gone by with no charges filed.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials say due process is not quick.

“It just takes time to get the blood results back from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation,” said Capt. Paul Timmons with OHP.

Those blood results showed Blair had PCP, marijuana and benzodiazepam in his system.

That information was recently turned over to the DA’s office and charges were filed.

Porter is glad the case is moving along.

“I think of the mother you know that lost her husband and little girl and what all she’s gone through. That’s a lot. She’ll live with that for the rest of her life,” said Porter.

Officials with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department say they have checked several known locations for David Blair, but so far have not been able to find him.

They’re asking for the public’s help.

If you have any information, give them a call at 405-713-1017 or 405-869-2501.