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OKLAHOMA CITY – Visitors to downtown Oklahoma City will soon be able to enjoy a unique art project that combines motion and melodies.

The Community Foundation is bringing the Musical Swings to Bicentennial Park. Installation begins on Sept. 13, and the swings will be open to the public on Sept. 20.

“Imagine creating beautiful sounds and melodies instantaneously with a complete stranger, and all you have to do is swing,” said Nancy Anthony, Oklahoma City Community Foundation president.

Each swing emits unique melodies from instruments like the piano, the harp, guitar and vibraphone. The sounds are generated with each forward and backward movement.

When used together, the swings compose certain melodies that only emerge through the cooperation of people on other swings. The swings allow people to make music with their entire bodies and play games as they adjust to the actions of others.

“We’re excited to offer this experience to our community,” Anthony said. “The music, collaboration and childlike joy of playing on a swing will enrich the family atmosphere of downtown Oklahoma City this Fall, and we know people will enjoy it.”

The Musical Swings will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., beginning on Sept. 20.

It will be available through Oct. 13.