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UPDATE: According to Mustang police on August 13th, David Ledford turned himself in to police.

MUSTANG, Okla. — Mustang Police are searching for a man suspected of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, making her withdraw $300 out of an ATM and stealing that from her before letting her go. Police say she immediately contacted them after Ledford dropped her off.

The victim told 911, “Hi. My ex-boyfriend who I have a VPO against just made me get in my car and take him and get $300 out of my account.”

She told police her normal morning routine is to get in her car, lock herself in and then open her garage, because she’s been afraid of her ex-boyfriend David Ledford since they broke up. Thursday morning for some reason she didn’t do that.

The victim told 911, “When I opened my garage door. He came in and grabbed me and told me to get in the car.”

Now police think he came back Monday morning, but this time she wasn’t home.

Sgt. Michael Adams with Mustang Police says, “Someone had kicked in the side garage door and thrown a brick through a window into the house.”

Police think Ledford is in a pretty desperate situation to do something like this to a woman he once dated.

“He seems to job hop quite a bit,” says Adams. “The main thing is he basically just disappears from time to time. He doesn’t show up for work. He quit this job by text.”

The victim and her family have become accustomed to his harassment since their break up but police still think his behavior is pretty bold.

“She’s very frightened. She’s very concerned,” says Adams. “It’s pretty uncommon for someone to come back to the scene of the crime so to speak and do something like this after what they did on Thursday.”

The victim’s son Steven Golden is expecting David Ledford to come back and he is standing guard at her house.

“I’ve been trying to keep him away from her,” says Golden. “I just moved in with her this weekend so that I can protect her.”

Golden thinks there is more to it than the money. He thinks Ledford wants her back.

“When he kidnapped her on Thursday he was saying please just let me come back and telling her that he loves her,” says Golden. “That’s not any kind of love I want to be a part of.”

He didn’t get away with much this morning, just a full 5 gallon gas can.

Golden says, “My guess is he’s going to come back and try to burn the house down.”

His mom’s relationship with Ledford was rocky. She found out he was doing drugs and tried to put him through rehab but eventually had to tell him to leave.

“When they broke up she kicked him out,” says Golden. “He just continued to harass her. Back in April she got a VPO against him, because he broke into the house and was threatening her with a crow bar.”

The victim and Ledford were together for 18 years, but her son never approved.

“I’ve never liked him,” says Golden. “I’ve known him for 15 years and he’s always been a creep.”

He says he isn’t scared of Ledford, just scared for his mother.

Golden says, “It’s going to keep escalating until he’s either caught or he kills her.”

Mustang Police need your help finding 54-year-old David Ledford. He is a white male, 5’09”, 190 lbs. He is bald with a goatee and mustache.

Police say he is driving a gray 2003 Suzuki Aerio, bearing the Oklahoma tag number 249 DQH. They think he is either living out of that car or a hotel.

He is also known to frequent the area of SW 50th and Western in Oklahoma City. If you have any information that may help Mustang Police locate Ledford call (405) 376-2488.

You can remain anonymous.