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MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) — A metro classroom’s curriculum was questioned after a recent assignment caused outrage amongst some parents.

The assignment asked students to analyze President Trump’s “lies” to the American people. The school has since admitted the assignment showed political bias.

“I thought ‘Man. What in the world?’” said Ken Oakley, a grandparent of Mustang High School students.

This is just one of many reactions to a Mustang High School assignment.

A photo taken in a debate class said in part, “It was announced that President Trump openly lied to the American people, Congress, and the Senate 15,413 times. This means he has lied, on average, 14 times daily,” since he took office.

Then the assignment asks students to answer questions such as, “What are the ramifications of this? We cannot stop someone from lying but how can we get the truth on matters that affect us daily?” and “If you, or someone you know, ‘doesn’t care’, why?”

Some parents took to social media. One person simply saying, “Not acceptable to present a one-sided view.”

Oakley, who has two grandkids at Mustang High, agreed.

“This isn’t Mustang. It’s not the way that we think. Meaning, it’s so biased. Everyone has their opinions and their beliefs and everyone’s free to put it out. But not to where it’s just one-sided,” Oakley said,

Others said, “Unpopular opinion. Kids NEED to learn how to discuss politics, if you look around at most adults talking about politics it is always some toxic fight because we aren’t taught young how to discuss them logically.”

We gave the district a call on Friday and received this statement–

“Earlier today we became aware of a classroom assignment at Mustang High School involving a political viewpoint. The assignment was from a debate class, and the intended purpose was to encourage students to defend their point of view. In a debate class it is appropriate for students to discuss controversial topics which could include various political viewpoints, however it is never the intent for the school to be in a position to influence or sway a students’ opinions on such topics. The question was posed in a way that presented only one side of the issue and has been removed from future classes. We understand that this question unintentionally caused a lot of frustration from students and the community, which distracts from the instructional objective. Mustang High School will continue to challenge our students but will also be mindful that we are not presenting educational opportunities in a way that could be perceived as to influence our students on political views.”

As for Oakley, he said he’s happy with the school’s response and hopes they learn a lesson.

“Make it inclusive. Everyone has an opinion. Let everyone have it without dictating what their opinion should be,” Oakley said.

News 4 learned that another political question was asked in the same class.

This one took a less controversial approach, asking students to weigh in on border wall funding.