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OKLAHOMA CITY – A phone battery explodes inside a metro mom’s car and fire crews say the difference between what could have been life or death was a rolled up window.

On the outside, of Jabricia Pratt’s car looks normal but on the inside, it’s a different story.

“My car had literally burned up,” Pratt said.

Her 2019 Jeep Cherokee is now the aftermath of an explosion.

The seats are now a crater. The speakers are dripping like wax. Her windows are caked with smoke damage.

The car bursting into flames while Pratt was at work.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department arrived on scene within minutes but the damage was already done.

“It had melted into the seat,” Pratt said. “It exploded and the firefighters said here is the culprit.”

The culprit – a replacement iPhone battery that Pratt ordered off Amazon.

“No big deal,” Pratt said. “I thought this was a normal thing.”

It was a normal purchase that could have turned deadly.

Fire crews say the battery overheated causing it to explode.

Even more terrifying, if her window had been cracked even an inch, the explosion would have been much larger due to more oxygen inside the car.

“I could’ve been in the car,” Pratt said. “My kids could’ve been in the car.”

Pratt tried to contact the seller LeeVee but hasn’t had much luck.

Amazon also said they’re not responsible because LeeVee is a third-party company.

“They basically told me they were really sorry for everything that happened but that it’s technically not their responsibility,” Pratt said.

The caution of exploding Lithium batteries recently has been linked to other products like e-cigarettes, phone chargers, and laptops.

The mother of three now thinking twice about what she buys online.

“You could end up in a situation where you could lose your life,” Pratt said.

News 4 checked LeeVee’s homepage on Amazon and the lithium batteries have been removed as products.