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OKLAHOMA – We’ve told you about a dangerous fungus called Valley Fever living in the dirt of surrounding states that can make you sick.

I also shared my personal story and how my son was finally diagnosed after a two and half year battle with Valley Fever.

Now, some exciting news.

There is something being developed right here in Oklahoma that could turn the tide in the fight against disease by making it easier for doctors to diagnose it.

“The problem with Valley Fever is it mimics a lot other very common respiratory illnesses” said Dr. Tom Chiller with the Centers for Disease Control.

Valley Fever is a devastating illness that can target our youngest, most vulnerable patients.

Now, a Norman based company called IMMY could hold the key to a faster diagnosis.

A simple test that takes minutes instead of days or weeks.

“My teenage kids could run these tests” said Sean Bauman, CEO of IMMY.

More on this potentially groundbreaking medical test developed in our own backyard as we continue our series, ‘Danger in the Dirt,’ tonight at 10.