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GUTHRIE, Okla. – People living in Guthrie have been reporting a mysterious noise around town.

Those who have heard it say it’s an unnerving boom.

“Just a loud one time boom,” said Lucy Swanson.

“I heard something pretty loud and a little bit disturbing,” said Justin Fortney.

 The descriptions are similar, but no one knows where it’s coming from.

It was heard twice Wednesday around 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

“It was very loud, very noticeable, and it shook the house just slightly,” said Swanson.

 Police dispatchers say the officer responding to the blast heard it from his patrol car but couldn’t find a source.

“You hear it, and you want to kind of call your friends and family and say, ‘Did you hear that? That was gigantic! What just exploded?’,” said Fortney.

 It’s nothing new to Mayor Chuck Burtcher. He says he first received calls from about the boom three months ago.

Everyone seems to have their own theory behind the boom.

“I know there’s oil field exploration. That’s the easiest explanation I had for that,” said the Mayor.

Others say rumors are others in town might have gun ranges. People say it’s possible a transformer blew up.

However, people say the sound is too close to town to be oil field testing, which is miles on the outskirts of town, and OG&E says no transformers have blown recently.

For now, the sound that shakes Guthrie remains nameless.