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KINGFISHER COUNTY, Okla. – Saltwater bubbling up from the earth and nobody can figure out where it’s coming from. Officials believe it’s related to oil and gas operations in the area.

A spokesperson with the Corporation Commission says on average, nearly 3-thousand gallons of highly toxic saltwater is being pumped from the ground near Omega. Telling us it is something they have never seen before. “Usually the fix is pretty straight forward. In this case, it is much more of a mystery,” said Spokesperson for the Corporation Commission Matt Skinner.

In the middle of a pasture near the Kingfisher – Blaine County line. “Saltwater suddenly begin to purge near the surface.”

It`s a recipe for disaster. Saltwater, a danger to the water we drink and to the land we live on. “One thing you never want to see is it bubbling to the surface. It`s a very serious situation.”

Not sure where the root of the problem is coming from, nearby wells that are no longer in operation have been plugged.  And four other working wells, agreeing to temporarily stop operating. “For 30 days and at the end of 30 days we will re-evaluate and see what the next steps should be.”

For the time being, the water is being diverted into a ditch. Then picked up and disposed of at a rate of 68 barrels per-day. It could take two to three weeks before crews will notice if this short-term solution is the fix. “There is no guarantee that this is going to impact that purge. That is one of the things we need to see. We are going to be checking surrounding pressures of wells that are farther away as well. As well as some closed wells and checking pressure down whole there to see if this is having an impact.”

Crews are on site everyday monitoring and testing the water. Officials say no drinking water has been impacted.