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OKLAHOMA CITY – A woman in desperate need gets the help she needs and it all started with a note in a mailbox.

The cryptic message was left in J.D. McCoy’s mailbox.

“It was a slip of paper with a name and an address and a list of food items,” said McCoy.

McCoy wasn’t sure what to make of the note and posted it on Nextdoor, an app that lets neighbors know what’s going on in their community.

Sure enough, several other people had received similar pieces of paper.

“We just started kind of thinking about what we might do about this. You know it’s kind of a chance you take to give somebody something. You don’t know them. You don’t really know anything,” said McCoy.

McCoy and her neighbors shopped for the items on the list plus some extras and took them to the address on the note.

“She had gone to the bank that day to get money to go get groceries and she only had $10,” said McCoy.

Monday night, they took their second trip to Sue Munn’s house with a car full of groceries.

Turns out Munn’s son wrote and delivered those notes.

He lives with his mom but is dying of stomach cancer and didn’t know how else to help her.

“He said I gotta help us out. We don’t have any food. And we didn’t have any money,” said Munn.

Munn didn’t know about his plan and was shocked to find the neighbors at her doorstep.

“It means a lot to me. It means that somebody cares. And God brings them to help when nobody has anything,” said Munn.

McCoy and her neighbors plan to try to keep up the goodwill for Munn and her son.

Munn has diabetes and says her vision is starting to cloud.

The neighbors also want to try to coordinate rides for Munn’s doctor visits in addition to helping out with the groceries.


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