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OKLAHOMA CITY – We are all trying to ward off the dreaded flu, including at the KFOR studios.

“I go through hand sanitizer like crazy. My coworkers have been sick, our relatives have been sick and I’m a germaphobe anyway,” said KFOR anchor Heather Holeman.

“Vitamins, orange juice; vitamins and orange juice… hand sanitizer. It’s psychological,” said KFOR director Val Carr.

In fact, our chief photographer just returned to work Wednesday after officially being diagnosed with the flu.

“You know, your whole sinus cavity, it’s like everywhere in your head was just blocked up,” said Steve Pusateri.

The Clorox wipes are all over the KFOR building.

And, now, a unique approach is circulating on social media.

The Facebook post says to use a “q-tip” and apply a “thin layer of triple antibiotic ointment… inside each nostril daily… to aid in preventing contracting flu viruses and other germs.”

“Astonished that things like this get put online. But, same time, not surprised. It happens all the time,” said Dr. Nithin Devireddy with OU Physicians Family Medicine.

Devireddy said this particular remedy will not work.

“This ointment is specifically for bacterial etiology, meaning things from the environment that are bacterial. But, flu is a viral agent and these two, they don’t really correspond to each other,” Devireddy said.

Doctors said the best way to prevent the flu is still simply to get the flu shot and just good old fashioned hand washing.

And, they said don’t believe everything you see online.

“Got to be very careful with seeing what’s online that people are using to treat the flu with these days,” Devireddy said.