OKLAHOMA, CITY Okla. (KFOR) — Saturday, family and friends gathered at Will Rogers National Guard Base to welcome more than 120 National Guardsmen and Women home.

“It’ll be great to have him back,” stated Sean Eaton, a family member.

With signs in hand and hearts filled with pride, families waited in anticipation to see to see their loved ones return home.

“It’s hard on the kids when they’re gone that long, so they are really excited,” said Jennifer Eaton, a family member.

Sean and Jennifer Eaton were among the many welcoming their soldier home from the middle east.

“Really happy for his family to get him back to and spend time with,” said Eaton.

While overseas the unit served as the field artillery headquarters.

They also operated radar equipment spotting enemies and their locations.

Major John Cannon said while he was away serving our country, his life at home didn’t stop so this homecoming was a special one.

“It was an emotional day, I’ve been away from my two boys, my daughter, wife, family for almost a year now,” said Major Cannon.

Sergeant Kyra Underwood said while the wait has been long and difficult at times, she knows her service made a difference.

“The journey of it felt extremely, extremely long. But the important thing was to know, to be patient and to know that the long journey would be worth it in the end,” said Sgt. Underwood.

Back home, back in the arms of those they help protect and serve.

“I just feel blessed to be back in the great state of Oklahoma,” added Major Cannon.