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PITTMAN CENTER, Tenn. (KFOR) – Dolly Parton, international country music star, actress, philanthropist, and much more, turned 76 years old Wednesday, Jan. 19.

Born in a one-room cabin on the Appalachian hills of Tennessee, Dolly was the fourth child of twelve for the Parton family.

Parton grew up with a love of music, family, and God.

She took that love to Nashville after graduating high school and signed with Monument Records in 1965, at age 19.

Parton has spent her years since behind the mic, in front of the camera, and behind the scenes of many different ventures.

Just last month, Parton broke 3 Guinness World Records for her multi-platinum music career.

From The Porter Wagoner Show and 9 to 5 to her biographical movie, Coat of Many Colors, Parton has also made many TV and movie appearances that have won her numerous awards.

Last year, Parton used her pen to write both a book and an album for a partnership with author James Patterson called “Run Rose Run.”

But Parton doesn’t stick to entertainment.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a literacy program that mails one book per month to each enrolled child from birth until kindergarten. In 2018, Parton was honored by the Library of Congress on account of the charity sending out its 100 millionth book. As of December 2021, the program has gifted 172,752,307 free books.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Parton donated $1 million towards research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center funded the critical early stages of development of the Moderna vaccine.