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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – An Arizona man won a jackpot – 20 days after he played a slot machine at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. On Jan. 8, Robert Taylor was visiting Las Vegas when he appeared to have won the $229,368 jackpot on a progressive slot machine, according to a Friday news release from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

But gaming regulators said because of a communications error, the slot machine malfunctioned.

The malfunction kept Taylor and casino staff from seeing that a progressive jackpot had been won, and by the time a review of the situation was conducted and staff confirmed the win, he had already returned home to Arizona.

The casino tried to contact Taylor several times after they realized the mistake, but could not reach him. At that point, the Nevada Gaming Control Board launched a two-week investigation and managed to identify Taylor as the patron who won.

The board secured the collection of the jackpot and notified Taylor of his win on Jan. 28, and he’ll return to the casino to collect his winnings, according to the news release.