KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KFOR/Storyful) – Terrified parents in Kansas City, Missouri called 911 when they discovered their one-month-old daughter wasn’t breathing. Now, a police officer is being recognized for his heroic acts.

Bodycam video shows the infant’s father handing the girl over to Kansas City Missouri Police Officer Richard DuChaine, as he raced inside their home. His partner, Officer Charles Owen, is heard giving DuChaine life-saving instructions.

DuChaine gave the little girl chest compressions and back thrusts, then turned the baby on her side when they discovered she was breathing. Officer Owen then checked her airway.

The police department later posted this adorable picture on Facebook, showing Officer DuChaine visiting the tiny infant in the hospital, along with Officer Owen.

“Officer DuChaine and Officer Owen, thank you for your continued service to Kansas City,” the department posted.

Police did not disclose what caused the girl to initially stop breathing.