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UPDATE: Authorities in Phoenix will release 911 recordings and surveillance video from the fatal weekend robbery today.

One call is from a woman who was inside the bank during the alleged robbery.

The crime spree started two days before Christmas in Atlanta, Georgia.

Authorities say a suspect attempted to rob a Bank of America there but ended up mugging a customer at the ATM.

They said they believe the same man then traveled to Tupelo, Mississippi the same day and robbed a bank there.

He shot two police officers trying to apprehend him and killed one of them.

“By Dec. 28, the reward for information leading to the identification and capture of this subject totalled over $200,000,” Daniel McMullen said, special agent in charge of the FBI for Mississippi.

A nationwide manhunt was launched.

It ended on Saturday at a Phoenix, Arizona bank robbery.

A police officer shot and killed that suspect and authorities said they believe it was the same man who committed the crimes in Atlanta and Tupelo.

They’ve identified him as 40-year-old Mario Edward Garnett of Oklahoma City.

“It is very rare for an individual to travel hundreds of miles in three different states in three different directions to commit bank robberies. It’s difficult to say what logic he used in those attempts,” Gary Johnson said, Oklahoma FBI.

While Johnson said they have not linked Garnett to any unsolved robberies in our state, he was arrested here back in 2010.

According to federal court documents, Garnett posted threats on the White House official website.

The threat read “I’m going to settle some scores on behalf of Israel and America’s victims and on behalf of those they continue to oppress. I’ll kill president and farmer alike.”

An earlier threat traced to the same IP address read “If you order a strike on Iran, I’m going to come up there and blow your brains out on national TV” and “Netanyahu is a dead man.”

Oklahoma officials spent the day talking to Garnett’s relatives in Oklahoma.

We went to the apartment where Garnett was arrested in 2010 but it was empty and neighbors said whoever lived there moved out about a month ago.

“Ultimately you never know what a bank robber’s motivation is because they vary greatly. They’re certainly all desperate and ultimately know that the results of their action are going to lead to a very lengthy federal prison sentence. But Mr. Garnett’s ultimate motivation, we’ll never know,” Johnson said.