CLEVELAND, Ohio (KFOR/Storyful) – “We gotta care about each other… I’m gonna give you that energy, that synergy… We gonna start out energetic, not pathetic,” said Officer Eric Hudson, who greets hospital workers and guests each morning to get their day started on the right track.

The Cleveland Clinic police officer in Ohio is an icon for the hospital, which posted:

“Ain’t no party like an 89th Street party! Cleveland Clinic police officer Eric Hudson delivers high fives, endless dance moves and pure happiness to our caregivers and visitors while he’s working. Life is too short not to have fun! Keep on spreading the love, my friend!”

Video at the top of this story shows Hudson dancing, giving high fives and hugs, and escorting people across the street with smiles on their faces.

“This is what we do, from me to you, it’s all love!” Hudson said while dancing.