SAN DIEGO, California (Storyful/KFOR) – California’s San Diego Zoo has just released adorable video showing its newest resident, a baby two-toed sloth, clinging to its mom and snuggling up in her fur.

“Slow much cuteness,” the Zoo posted. “The young sloth is healthy and doing well, instinctively clinging to its mother’s stomach, nursing and gaining strength everyday.”

The baby sloth, which hasn’t yet been named, was born to mother Xena on Saturday, June 25th.

“We are thrilled and honored to have this baby sloth in our care,” said Clint Lusardi, Wildlife Care Manager at the San Diego Zoo. “Xena is taking excellent care of her baby as it continues to grow and thrive every day,” Lusardi said.

The Zoo states the baby was able to eat solid foods at just a few days old, as well as hang upside down on its own at 25-days-old, which is right on schedule, as sloths typically cling to their mother’s belly for their first five weeks of life.

Two-toed sloths are native to the rainforests of Central America and northern South America.