OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – This Pay it 4ward started with a car crash in the usually quiet Wingspread neighborhood. 

A driver destroyed the sign in front of the neighborhood near S.W. 89th and May.

However, the neighborhood association had dissolved years ago.

“We didn’t know where to start with our neighborhood association or how to file a claim without a neighborhood association on behalf of the driver’s insurance who hit the sign in the first place,” says Ian Baker.

“We are here in south Oklahoma City here at the Wingspread neighborhood where we are getting ready to have a lot of fun today” says Kent Ogle. ” Aubrey Williams is here with First Fidelity to present the money to Ian who is nominating today.”

“Yes, Ian we loved your story about your neighbor, Kathy, who really stepped up to the plate when your neighborhood needed it,” says Williams. “When your sign was destroyed, no one really knew what to do. Kathy said, ‘You know what, I’m going to take this upon myself and do something good for my neighborhood,’ so we love that you wanted to nominate her and I’m happy to be here to present you with $400 on behalf of First Fidelity Bank.”

“Thank you very much,” says Ian. “I appreciate it and I know Kathy will as well.”

And the destroyed sign got more neighbors involved.

“Definitely pulled everybody together to make this happen,” says neighbor Steve Bain. “The association had been down a long time and she definitely spear headed getting it all put together and I think everybody in the neighborhood was pretty sick of the sign being trashed.”

“I’ll tell you what about this gal here, if you want something researched, it’s gonna happen. She is an excellent researcher and she is a real delight to be around,” says neighbor Wayne Drummond. “I put a post on the neighborhood network, Nextdoor and she caught it, got a hold of me and that’s when things really started rolling.”

We head down the street where Ian’s neighbor Kathy Long lives.

“Hey Kathy, do you have a minute?” says Ian.

“Oh, are you serious?” says Kathy.

“Hi Kathy, I’m Kent Ogle with Channel 4,” says Kent. “Can you come out for just a second?”

“We have a little program called Pay it 4ward where people go above and beyond for their neighbors, friends, and their community. Where people are honored each week and this week, Ian nominated you and you are our recipient. Ian tell her why you nominated her.”

“I nominated you because if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have a neighborhood looking as nice as it is,” says Ian. “We wouldn’t have our sign rebuilt. We wouldn’t have a neighborhood association and I wouldn’t have a really good friend.”

“Thank you,” says Kathy.

Kent adds, “He has a little something for you as well.”

“On behalf of KFOR and First Fidelity Bank, I would like to present you with their cash reward for Pay it 4ward which is $400!”

“Wow, thank you,” says Kathy!” “Wow, this is so unexpected I mean.”

“Let me ask you real quick, when the sign got hit out front and the neighborhood didn’t have, you picked it up and ran with it. What made you want to do that?” says Kent.

“Just pride in my neighborhood. I drove by it every day and it was just heartbreaking trying to find out who the person was that actually hit the sign, who the insurance company was. All that stuff was almost debilitating because COVID had just kicked off and trying to get a police report, couldn’t get it done because no one was allowed to go into the place and it was just a big effort,” says Kathy. “It was just something I mean I’ve lived here 20 years and to drive by it every day just kind of broke your heart.”

Taking care of business as usual and a good sign someone is paying it forward.