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OKLAHOMA CITY – Lawmakers in our state’s house are attempting to pass a bill that would legalize the slaughter of horses in the Sooner State.

Under House Bill 1999, the meat from the slaughter would then be shipped out of state and even out of the country.

For many, horses are more than just livestock, they are pets.

Tribute Equine Rescue CEO Natalee Cross said, “Horses aren’t your typical livestock animals, they are pets, they are compassionate.”

Law makers said many people simply can’t afford to take care of their horses.

Legislators said this measure would benefit those struggling financially to keep those animals.

“The benefit would be these people would have a place to go with them,” Rep. John Enns said. “Where unfortunately they can’t afford to feed them, so they will take them to the slaughter plant.”

Cross said responsible owners always find a way to take care of their animals and said it’s more than just a money issue.

“They’re gonna find any way possible to take care of their animal whether it is a rescue mission or asking people for help,” she said.

Cross said she worries if this bill passes, the buyer looking to slaughter will be the highest bidder.

“The issue is supply and demand, they are saying we have too many unwanted horses,” she said. “No we don’t have any unwanted horses; it’s the fact that the kill buyer is the highest bidder to get that horse.”

Humane or not, the bill is progressing out of the senate to be considered by the house.

If passed, the bill would go into effect on Nov. 1.