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OKLAHOMA CITY – Keegan Harroz went before a federal judge Wednesday for her preliminary and detention hearings.

Judge Gary Purcell found enough evidence to send the case to trial and to hold her in federal custody until then.

He also talked about what he called her “violent past” in court.

Because Harroz’s former law partner had a VPO against her, she’s charged with illegally having ammunition.

Prosecutors also say she gave an AR-15 to her boyfriend, Barry Titus, who’s accused of abusing Tiffany Eichor, the daughter killed along with her parents near Beggs.

In state court, Harroz is charged in Okmulgee County with intimidating Eichor, a state witness.

New court documents obtained by News 4 show what Okmulgee County investigators seized from Harroz’s home in a search last month.

They took laptops, surveillance cameras and passports for Keegan Harroz and Barry Titus, as well as multiple boxes of ammunition.

They also seized debit cards and a pair of white gloves.

In court Wednesday, Harroz’s attorney told the judge that investigators also seized evidence showing Harroz planned to take Eichor’s deposition in the ongoing domestic violence case Eichor had against Barry Titus in Oklahoma County.

Harroz’s attorney says that pending deposition explains why she hired an investigator to go find where Eichor was living.

That investigator told the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office he might have “inadvertently participated in witness intimidation.”

No one has been charged with the murder of Eichor and her parents, but on Wednesday, federal prosecutors told the judge it’s no secret Harroz and her boyfriend are being investigated.

The judge said Harroz’s past charges for DUI and assault and battery on a police officer are concerning, leading to his decision to keep her in jail.

Harroz’s attorney was adamant prosecutors didn’t have the evidence, and told the judge, “At trial, we’re going to win this case.”