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DUNCAN, Okla. – We’re learning more details about the brutal murders of three people inside their home in Duncan.

On Monday, authorities began investigating the murders of 50-year-old John Hruby, 48-year-old Tinker Hruby and 17-year-old Katherine Hruby.

Around 8:50 a.m. on Monday, police say they received a 911 call from the family’s housekeeper.

According to the officer’s report, police found the bodies in the kitchen area of the home.

The report says Tinker and Katherine’s bodies were found on the kitchen floor and John Hruby was found near the doorway to the dining room.

On Tuesday, Hruby’s son, Alan, was taken into custody on a parole violation.

On Wednesday morning, officials with the Duncan Police Department say Alan Hruby confessed to murdering his family.

Alan Hruby is now being charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

According to the arrest affidavit, Alan confessed to stealing his father’s 9mm pistol and shooting his mother, Tinker, twice on Thursday.

According to the affidavit, Alan said that Tinker appeared to still be alive after the first shot, so he shot her again.

When his sister, Katherine, came into the kitchen, he confessed to shooting her once.

Alan allegedly told officers that he shot his father, John, two times an hour later when he came home.

The affidavit claims that Alan confessed to shooting John one time in the head, but his father was still alive.

He claimed John said, “Ouch” and fell to the ground.

At that point, Alan said he shot him again.

After the murders, the affidavit claims Alan traveled to Dallas, stayed at the Ritz Carlton and attended the OU/Texas game.

Following the murders, Alan allegedly threw away the gun and the family’s DVR, which was connected to the home’s surveillance system.

By going to the game, authorities say Alan violated his parole, which allowed officers to take him into custody and ask questions about the murders.

According to the Stephens County District Attorney’s Office, the Hruby’s were planning to “cut him off” financially because he could not control his spending.

“He explained that there was a loan shark company in Norman that he owed approximately $3,000 to,” said Jason Hicks, the Stephens County District Attorney. “He felt like if he murdered his mother, his father and his sister, he would be the only one, the only heir, to their estate.”

“When he first came in [to the police station] and he was told [of the murders], he was wailing and crying,” said Chief Danny Ford, with the Duncan Police Department.

Hicks said Hruby was cold and callous at the scene of the crime Monday and he does not believe Hruby’s eventual sorrow was sincere.

“Any tears that he shed, they were crocodile tears,” Hicks said.  “It wasn’t remorse because ‘I’ve lost my mom, my dad and my sister.’ It’s remorse because he knows that his life is basically over.”

“The only remorse we’ve seen is because he got caught,” Hicks added.

Hicks says that he believes Alan planned the killings and had thought about it “for quite a while.”

Alan even allegedly confessed to leaving his cell phone on OU’s campus so that when officers checked, it would ping from a tower there.

Hicks says it was a “very heinous” crime and says he thinks Alan is “an evil person.”

Hicks would not say whether or not he will seek the death penalty.

He says that a conversation with the victims’ family must happen before he makes that decision.

Bond was denied and Hruby’s preliminary hearing conference was set for Dec. 17.