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New developments in the search for Lauria BIble

WELCH, Okla. – Authorities are investigating new leads in the case of two Oklahoma girls who have been missing for 16 years in northeast Oklahoma.

Lauria Bible and her friend Ashley Freeman, both 16, disappeared in December 1999.

Lauria was at Ashley’s home for a sleepover.

That night, the Freeman’s mobile home went up in flames, and the charred remains of Ashley’s parents, Danny and Kathy Freeman, were found inside, according to the Miami News-Record.

Danny and Kathy both suffered gunshot wounds to the head, an autopsy showed.

But Lauria and Ashley where nowhere to be found.

Now, authorities are hoping new leads will help them close this 16-year-old cold case.

Lauria’s mother, Lorene Bible, recently posted to Facebook asking anyone with information on the teens’ disappearance to contact law enforcement.

Over the weekend, tips came in from Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, Fox 23 reports.

Some people reported seeing the girls alive in a car after they disappeared.

One man who is currently on death row, Jeremy Jones, claims he killed the girls.

However, he was not able to convince authorities that it was him.

Earlier this month, investigators searched a well in Chetopa, Kansas, hoping to find the teen girls’ remains.

Lorene told the Miami News-Record that she received a tip on social media that said authorities should check an old well on property formerly owned by a convicted murderer.

“The person said come to the old Charlie Krider house and look in the well,” Lorene told the local newspaper.

Authorities searched the well, but it turned up empty.

Lorene told the newspaper that she receives about two or three serious tips a month.

“The law enforcement has been wonderful — whether in Oklahoma or across the state line in Kansas,” she said. “I’ll go on and see what’s next.”

Lorene says she is hoping to find her daughter alive, but if that is not possible, she still wants answers.

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