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A middle school student in Ione, California is facing a drug charge for allegedly bringing to school pills laced with meth, designed to look exactly like ‘Smarties’ candy.

The “candy” was confiscated after the 8th-grader was seen sniffing the candy before handing it to another student.

Officials say the boy claimed it was just candy, but drug tests revealed the candy look-alike tested positive for meth.

While both the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Poison Control officials tell NewsChannel 4 that they have not heard of any reports of the new meth-tainted candy reaching our borders, our state has seen several busts of marijuana-laced “edibles.”

In February, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputies intercepted a shipment from Colorado that included 42 pounds of pot-tainted gummy candies.

Officers busted the alleged trafficker before any Oklahoma consumers got a hold of the drug-laced candy, treats, lemonade, and even an odorless-vaping liquid, all tainted with THC oil, which is derived from marijuana.

Both agencies we spoke to have not heard of any cases where those edible pot products have made anyone sick in our state.

However, Newsweek reports at least nine children were hospitalized in Colorado for eating their parents’ candy since marijuana was legalized for recreational use on January 1st, 2014.

Since then, Colorado has also seen drug reports involving middle school students increase by 24 percent, according to USA Today.

Now, with a new meth-candy on the streets in California, many parents there are warning their children to ‘just say no’ to both drugs – and candy.