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OKLAHOMA CITY — Meth labs are a problem around the country and right here in Oklahoma.

Our state and a number of others have passed laws that limits the sales of cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine.

Drug officials believe this has curtailed some of the home cooking of meth.

However, officials say they are seeing more converstion meth labs pop up around the country.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Spokesperson Mark Woodward said these are often controlled by the Mexican Cartels.

“Conversion meth labs are these labs where they bring the raw components, the meth materials smuggled into the United States,” he said. “Then in these larger super labs or ‘fiesta’ labs that are often set up in warehouses, they put all those components together.”

Woodward said many of these conversion labs can be found in California, Arizona and Texas.

He said they are working hard to keep them out of our state.

“In Oklahoma we have not seen any of the actual conversion labs in Oklahoma but we are seeing the by-products of these labs,” he said.

Wooward said they are aggressively working to fight the Mexican Cartels that have come into Oklahoma and will fight to keep these labs at bay.

“Oklahoma is not a safehaven for those conversion labs,” he said. “Our hopes are we won’t see them here but we will aggressively focus on those groups to make sure that doesn’t happen.”