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OKLAHOMA CITY – A first-of-its-kind system to catch people driving without insurance is just about a week away from rolling out in Oklahoma.

Starting November 1, cameras will be watching and waiting for the uninsured.

Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers in the country.

But, the state hopes by using cameras at heavy traffic areas, they’ll catch those drivers.

“When the photos are taken, technology will identify by comparing with the database of peoples car insurances to determine which tags do not have insurance that correspond with it,” said Brian Hermanson, with the District Attorney Council.

Hermanson says the license plate readers will be almost 100 percent accurate, unlike the system they have now.

There will only be a few cameras up and running 24/7 in Oklahoma City and Tulsa by November 1, but more will be added in the months ahead.

If those cameras find an uninsured driver, a notice will be sent in the mail.

Motorists will not only have to pay the fee, but also show up with proof of insurance.

“You`re going to pay $174 along with providing a new copy of your insurance, signing an agreement for 2 years to abide by the law,” said Hermanson. “You`re not going to have to go to court. You`re not going to have to pay a lot more money. This is such a better program for you.”

Officials hope the new system will help reduce insurance rates for everyone on the road.

And with November fast approaching, authorities say drivers shouldn’t wait until they get caught to get insurance.

“If you do not comply with the law and if you`re given all of these opportunities to get right with a very small type of fee, charges will be filed,” said Hermanson. “It`s been the law for a long time, so it`s smart and it`s really being a good citizen and a good neighbor.”

This new program will not cost the state a dime.

An outside vendor is providing all of the equipment.

A percentage of the fee uninsured drivers will pay will go to the vendor.

And if you have a tribal tag or an out-of-state tag, the new system won’t recognize it.