ARGENTINE SEA (KFOR/Storyful) – A 62-year-old woman from the United States was killed onboard a Viking cruise ship after a powerful wave broke through a window, hitting the woman with shattered glass.

The Viking Polaris was returning from Antarctica to Argentina, when the ship got caught in a storm.

Debbie Terry and her wife Tamarah Castaneda have shared the video from inside the ship, after the rogue wave hit with such force that it woke them from sleep.

Terry posted on Facebook, “Our room was on the third floor and the waves were crashing our window. There is a metal shade over the window that closes. I thought it was to darken the room because it stays light about 20 hours a day…) After the JOLT we were wide awake and then the Captain announced a CODE DELTA – THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

Four other passengers were also injured.

Viking Polaris was built in 2022 and has capacity for more than 600 passengers and crew members.