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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – Body cam and dash cam videos of the shooting that left an officer dead and another critically injured have been released. 

David Ware is accused of shooting Sergeant Craig Johnson and Officer Aurash Zarkeshan.

Johnson died from his injuries. Zarkeshan continues with his recovery.

Last week, a Tulsa County judge ruled that the videos should be released, saying the public has the right to know.

Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin says the videos are their most incriminating piece of evidence. He also says it should be played out in the courtroom, not the public.

“The video will show you that there is no doubt who gunned down our officers,” Franklin said.

On June 29, Johnson and Zarkeshan stopped Ware for making an illegal left turn and having expired tags.

The videos show the officers telling Ware to get out of the car more than forty times. The suspect refuses to follow their orders.

At one point, Ware calls a friend, Matthew Hall, to pick him up.

Police continue telling him to get out of the car, and they warn him before using a taser and pepper spray.

As they tried to get him out of the car, a struggle ensued. Investigators say that’s when Ware grabbed a gun from under the driver’s seat and shot the officers before running away.

Tulsa’s police chief chose not to play the video at a press conference, instead only showing still images.

“Our officers continue to suffer traumatic effects from this video,” Franklin said.

Ware’s defense attorney, Kevin Adams, says the video shows discrepancies between the defendant’s version of events and what law enforcement is saying.

“They claim David Ware stood over Sergeant Johnson and fired three shots into him, that’s not true, the other problem I have when Chief Franklin stood in front of the media and said that after the shooting David Ware turned and slowly walked away,” Adams said. “What happened was Sergeant Johnson was down, he was on his left arm and he rolled over like he was going to grab his gun and David ran backwards, and boom, shot one time and then turned around screaming and hollering.”

“Doesn’t matter if he walked away or if he trotted or skipped or jogged or did cartwheels away from the scene. It doesn’t matter. Two officers were gunned down,” Franklin said.

Ware and Hall are expected to be back in court on Oct. 5.