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OKLAHOMA CITY – The same day Jacob Brewer and his fiancé announced their engagement on Facebook, they went into a local Walmart. His fiancé went out empty-handed – her new engagement ring lost.

A New Year’s Day Facebook post announced the new chapter in Jacob and Ana’s life, a proposal for the young couple in their early 20s. In it were the song lyrics “I went to the store and I bought you a ring,”  a ring now lost from their lives just hours after the message was posted.

“It’s super special to me. We’ve been engaged close to a month, and the day we make the announcement that we got the engagement ring and we’re engaged is the day we lose the ring and it’s just a blow,” Brewer said.

The couple was shopping at the Walmart on I-240 and Santa Fe in Oklahoma City.

“We were just buying general groceries and stuff like that and, on the way back from the restroom, she realized she didn’t have her ring on her anymore,” Brewer said.

Ana had taken it off to wash her hands.

In a matter of 5 minutes, the ring was gone from the restroom.

“She came back, and it just disappeared,” he said.

Brewer said the customer service staff looked all over for the ring but they couldn’t find it.

It’s a $550 ring that took months for the 21-year-old to save up to buy.

“It’s an amethyst ring in the shape of a heart, and it has tanzanite accents and it just meant so much because it’s her birthstone,” Brewer said.

He is hoping someone picked it up and will return it to the newly-engaged couple, now thinking about setting back their wedding date until they can get a ring.

“I just hope somebody comes forward with it or anything at all. It would just mean so much to me and her,” Brewer said.

He said the ring was not insured.