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8/29/19- There is an important update to this story.

Dillon Solomon was arrested and accused of sexually abusing two children earlier this month.

After a thorough investigation, the Pottawatomie County District Attorney’s office will not file charges against Solomon.

An office spokesperson tells KFOR they found no evidence to support the claims made against him and he is a victim of a false report.

Investigators are now looking into who is at the heart of the allegations.

In the video and original report, Solomon said the accusations weren’t true and now the DA’s office agrees with him.

Charges could be filed against the person or persons who initiated the false report.

Original story below: 

POTTAWATOMIE CO., Okla. – A man accused of sexually abusing two young children was hauled off to jail Friday and News 4 was there when he was arrested to get his side of the story.

“I am not guilty,” Dillon Solomon of Tecumseh said to News 4 as he was getting into a deputy’s vehicle.

He’s been arrested on complaints of lewd or indecent proposal or acts with a child under the age of 16, and abuse/neglect/exploitation or sexual abuse of a child.

Two children not related to Soloman pointed to him as their abuser.

“They were kind of really nervous during it. They wanted to color, I mean they`re children,” said Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office Dep. Dakota Etiere, “but they did disclose when they had their SANE exams to the nurse.”

But after he was put in handcuffs, Solomon told News 4 it’s not true.

“DHS worker came in to talk to us,” Solomon said. “This is all a misunderstanding… A misunderstanding that shouldn’t have got dragged out.”

He said the story was made up.

But deputies disagree, saying they’re glad he’s off the street.

“I believe the children, absolutely,” Dep. Etiere said. “I mean children are so vulnerable to a lot of things and personal experiences, the younger kids, I mean it`s hard to believe that they`re lying about something that they`ve never witnessed before.”

Solomon was interviewed at the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office before he was booked into the Safety Center.