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WARNING: This video contains extremely graphic material. Viewer discretion is advised.

MOORE, Okla. — A boy is learning how to walk again after three Rottweiler dogs attacked him Saturday.

The family of 10-year-old Elijah says his 9-year-old sister saved him, and he is lucky to be alive.

More than 40 stitches later, his little sister shares what happened.

“I wanted to go check on him, but then I just heard them screaming and yelling and I started running,” Alyssa McKenna, Elijah’s sister says.

She was running to help her brother who is deaf.

“I saw his orange shirt and a belt, then I saw his hair and I saw him moving a lot and I saw the dogs biting him,” Alyssa said.

Elijah’s sister says she found him by a dirt road not far from their grandmother’s home. The three dogs were attacking him, so she took matters into her own hands to save him.

“I picked him up…he couldn’t walk, he just fell right over again, so I picked him up from where we were standing and I picked him up and carried him,” Alyssa said.

They eventually got Elijah to the hospital; he went straight to the OU trauma center where he immediately went into surgery.

“He had two wide cuts on his head, he had to get over 40 staples on his head,” Alyssa says.

Pictures don’t begin to show the deep wounds he received from the three dogs.

“I’ve never seen injuries like this from a dog,” Rhianna Bravenec, Elijah and Alyssa’s mom said. “He had a gash all the way down from his neck to the top of his head.”

But his mother is thankful he’s alive.

“I want the dogs euthanized,” Bravenec said.

NewsChannel 4 went to the neighbor’s home. The owner of the dogs wouldn’t go on camera, but he did tell us this:

“I mean, it’s terrible, I’d already put these dogs down, but I got to wait 10 days,” neighbor Martin Tidwell says.

Tidwell says has to wait until the dogs are officially out of quarantine.

Terrible only describes a small part of what Elijah and his family went through Saturday.

“I was terrified, but I saved his life,” Alyssa says.

And even though Elijah lost one of his cochlear implants during the attack, his smile says it all.

His family has set up an account to help with donations, click here if you’d like to help.


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