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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

And now, October 13th has been deemed “No Bra Day,” a day where braless selfies reign supreme on social media.

No one knows exactly who started the event, but apparently simply wearing the color pink isn’t enough.

October 13th is the day to lose the breast support to show support for breast cancer.

It’s designed to promote breast cancer awareness…But it’s getting mixed reviews, most of them negative.

Both opponents and proponents for #NoBraDay are passionately venting their opinions on Twitter.

Some call the event perverse, some and are making jokes, and some are using the day to show way too much skin.

The other side says breast cancer – and No Bra Day itself – is nothing to joke about, calling it a legitimate event to boost awareness about the deadly disease that affects both women and men.

What do you think? Is National Bra Day a worthy event or an over-the-top sensationalism of breast cancer awareness?

Either way, it’s controversial, and is therefore reaching its goal of raising awareness.