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CALIFORNIA – Many are saying it’s like something out of a horror movie.

A clown or a group of clowns are making quite the stir in Wasco, California. The reason behind the so-called “Wasco clown” isn’t clear but one thing is certain, the community is taking notice.

Anthony Garza lives in Wasco and saw the clown roaming the streets. He said, “I just seen him about three times already, but yeah he’s creepy.”

Wasco residents say they’ve seen the clown roaming the streets every night since October 1st. Locals look for him at night with the help of social media.

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Noah Sanchez has not seen the clown yet but he goes out at night with friends looking.

“Some of the residents go in cars searching for him. They have flashlights and try to spot him in neighborhoods after he posts to Twitter,” said Sanchez.

The clown is active on social media using Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram to update whereabouts under the name Wasco Clown.

The creepy clown’s identity remains a mystery and because of costume changes and different props some believe there might be more than one.

Kevin Cabello of Wasco heard mixed messages.

“Yesterday they were saying there were two then they were trying to say like seven, but I don’t know,” Cabello said.

Barker Park is one of the many places this clown has been spotted. One child said he was chased by the clown through Barker with an ax. A Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy says they’ve gotten reports of a clown committing crimes in the area, but so far, the claims are unfounded.

Crowds of people are drawn to fast food parking lots while residents wait for the clown to show up.

“Friday night he was supposed to be at McDonald’s at around 10:30 pm a group of people were there but he never showed up,” Cabello said.

Being stood up did not stop these clown chasers, they believe that this is the season for such a ghoulish game.

Sanchez says he likes the excitement. “It’s kinda fun though to get us in the Halloween spirit and all of us in the community,” Sanchez said.