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NORMAN, Okla. – With the recent tragedy in Texas, gun control laws are on the minds of many throughout the nation. The Norman chapter of ‘Moms Demand Action’ meeting on Sunday had a little extra meaning.

“We are an organization that supports the 2nd amendment but, at the same time, feels like there needs to be a balance with public safety,” said Neil Hester, chapter spokesman. “We try to provide that balance to the gun lobby’s ‘guns anywhere any time for anybody’ agenda.”

On Sunday, members went over the recent Oklahoma legislative session to game plan their efforts to push for tougher measures for purchasing guns.

“We would like to see a background check for every gun sale so that we can make sure guns are staying out of the hands of dangerous individuals,” Hester said.

Moms Demand Action is a national organization with a chapter in all 50 states and more than 4 million member-volunteers nationwide. National events like
the shootings in Texas and Florida bring a heighten sense of urgency to some of the work the organization is doing.

“We would like to see red flag laws so that some of the incidents that have happened recently could perhaps be prevented by identifying someone who needs help immediately,” Hester said.

The group will be holding a ‘Wear Orange’ gun safety event June 2 at the Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City.