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NORMAN, Okla. – A man is on the run after unbelievable allegations of child abuse were made against him.

Jose Perez Manarang Jr. is charged with two counts of rape, forcible sodomy, lewd or indecent acts to a child under 16, and three counts of child abuse by injury.

Two children made the reports to police.

According to court documents, “Manarang would put a plastic trash bag and tie it off around [the child’s] neck until [they] ‘about died.'”

He allegedly would also “fill the bathtub up with water and hold [the child] under water.”

Documents state he would also “spank [the child’s] face until it was swollen” and “kick [the child] in the chest with boots on.”

And he allegedly forced other children to watch.

“This case is shocking and horrible, and it is hard to wrap our heads around,” said Hannah Griffiths, the mental health coordinator at the child advocacy nonprofit, The Care Center, in Oklahoma City.

Griffiths said the abuse could likely have long lasting effects on the child, who was not even old enough for kindergarten.

“Even being so young, he’s not going to forget,” she said. “This is something he’ll never forget.”

Griffiths said the trauma experienced could result in PTSD, depression, anxiety, dysfunctional relationships, substance abuse, and even early death.

She also said a cycle of abuse is continued, because often violent offenders were victims of abuse themselves.

The children who were forced to watch also experienced a level of trauma from an adult, a person they should be able to trust.

“We, as kids, look to adults and people in our lives to show us how to be model citizens,” Griffiths said, “and if that’s your model citizen, how are you going to have a clear picture of reality?”

As extreme as this case seems, Griffiths said these children are hardly alone. Child abuse in Oklahoma has reached epidemic proportions.

“It’s very prevalent and it knows no bounds,” Griffiths said. “It’s everywhere.”

According to police, Manarang didn’t stick around. He allegedly fled to go to Hong Kong after the case was reported to the police.