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NORTHWESTERN OKLAHOMA – Fire crews in the northwestern part of Oklahoma are continuing work on the front lines of wildfires.

In all, there are three fires that have scorched nearly 900,000 acres northwestern Oklahoma.

The “Selman Fire” in Woodward and Harper Counties and the “283 Fire” in Harper County.

The “Starbuck Fire” stretches across two states.

Firefighters believe dead trees from the ice storm fueled the fires tremendously.

Crews across Oklahoma have sent in reinforcement to help those who battling the fierce fight in both Woodward and Harper Counties.

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They say even though it’s been a relatively quiet day, crews are having trouble getting to the hot spots.

“Theres a bunch of hot stuff underneath them cedar trees, and with humidity dropping and wind picking up, it will ignite them cedars and it`s off to the races again,” said Ranger Brian Ryles with the Oklahoma Forestry Services.

Ryles is trying to prevent just that in southeastern Harper County as he briefs a task force from Grant County.

Their mission Wednesday was stopping the small fires near the fire control line that has taken days to get in place.

Teams from Grant County split up and showed NewsChannel 4 parts of burned areas.

“You can see guys, here, it`s treacherous to walk down where these rocks are exposed, you can lose your footing, slip, and hurt yourself real bad. It`s very steep.”

The Oklahoma Farm Bureau released a statement regarding the wildfires saying:

“Our hearts go out to the Oklahomans and others who have been affected by this serious wildfire situation,” said Tom Buchanan, Oklahoma Farm Bureau president. “We must stand by the farmers, ranchers, and rural residents who have experienced serious threats to their homes and livelihoods. These are the good people providing our food, fiber and fuel every day, and today our neighbors in northwest Oklahoma need us to band together with them.”

The Oklahoma Foresty Service says the fires in the northwestern portion of the state are now 10% contained.

But the danger of fires breaking out is far from over.

For those who would like to make donations toward the wildfire relief efforts, click here.

Western Equipment is also accepting hay donations for animals in need.

They are located at 3999 Lakeview Dr. in Woodward, Oklahoma.