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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY – The cattle outnumber the residents of rural Pott County, so this close-knit community quickly recognizes anything or anyone out of the ordinary.

“I’m nosy,” says Alvin. “If somebody is not where they are supposed to be, I’m gonna check them out.”

This self proclaimed ‘nosy neighbor’ spotted something suspicious one recent early morning.

He’d been targeted by intruders before, so he feared the worst.

“I was driving by at 7:30. Of all things, I seen a white pickup pulled up to the east door,” says Alvin. “Being nosy, I turned around
and went back.”

Alvin has lived out there for 47 years. He knew the strange truck didn’t belong on that dirt driveway.

So, he pulled over to investigate.

He discovered the truck was loaded with stolen property, matresses, fixtures- even a kitchen sink.

This fed up crime fighter pulled the 45 from his pickup.

“That kind of helps out a little bit; I’m too old to fight anymore.”

Alvin held the alleged thief until deputies arrived.

“He kind of had a deer in the headlights look and knew he was caught,” says Alvin.

Surpringingly, it’s not his first citizen’s arrest.

A few weeks ago, he interrupted another home invasion and captured a wanted felon.

Authorities applaud his bravery and willingness to get involved.

And Alvin says he is serving notice to any other would-be criminals. Stay out of East Pottawatomie County.

“Just go somewhere else. Dont come out east of Shawnee and everything will be good.”

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