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A disturbing case of abuse is caught on camera.

On Monday video of the abuse was released.

The 96-year-old victim suffered the abuse last April.

Two people were arrested and charged for the incident.

The victim’s daughter set up the camera because things were being stolen from her mother’s room.

Instead, the camera caught two women hurting and taunting the victim.

The family believes it’s the kind of abuse that all too often goes unreported.

“It’s still painful because our mother wouldn’t have hurt a fly,” Earlene Adkisson said.

“I think it’s sad anybody would have to go through this, ” Sandra Cisper said.

The hidden camera shows 96-year-old Eryetha Mayberry in a wheelchair.

One of the suspects, Lucy Gakunga, can be seen shoving wadded up latex gloves into her mouth.

“We couldn’t have imagined what happened to her,” Adkisson said.

“I couldn’t believe anyone could do that that worked in a facility like that,” Doris Racher said.

The video also shows Gakunga shoving the victim’s head and later performing compressions on Mayberry’s torso.

Gakunga pleaded guilty to the crime in court last week.

The second suspect, Caroline Kaseke, remains on the run from the law.

“What we want is awareness,” nursing home watchdog Wes Bledsoe said.

Bledsoe hopes the incident inside the nursing home encourages more families to use hidden cameras, if they suspect wrongdoing against their loved ones.

“Ms. Mayberry was a silent victim,” he said. “Nobody would have known if it had not been for this camera.”

“Every nursing home room should have a camera,” Cisper said.” Every one. Because we had no idea this was taking place with our mother.”

As part of a plea agreement last week, the first suspect agreed to serve another 13 months in prison before being deported.

Officials aren’t sure if the second suspect is even still in the country.

The victim died just a few months after the abuse came to light.