OCSO FOP asking DA to take action and remove Kevin Calvey from office

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office FOP is asking the district attorney’s office to take action on a request it made months ago to have county commissioner Kevin Calvey removed from office.

The request was made based on several statements Calvey has made to the media criticizing the Sheriff’s Office.

“He made the comment that our detention deputies beat inmates to death and leave them lying on the floor,” said OCSO FOP 3rd Vice President Todd Beesley. “That’s just one of many.”

Back in May, the organization sent a letter to district attorney David Prater arguing Calvey has met the criteria for removal from office.

Calvey Removal from Office

“People elected that man because they had some faith in him, and he makes statements like that and they’re inaccurate and false,” Beesley said. “That reflects on us and it makes it hard for us to do our jobs.”

The statements didn’t stop in the spring. Earlier this month, tension between the Sheriff’s Office and Calvey ratcheted up over comments he made regarding deputies using their Sheriff’s Office gear during off-duty jobs.

“Those are the kinds of things we’re talking about,” Beesley said, “I mean, we’re just trying to do our jobs and make a living, and it seems like he just keeps coming at us.”

Calvey released the following statement to News 4:

“Once again, the Sheriff’s political arm, OCSO FOP 155, is attempting to bully public servants who expose mismanagement by the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office caused inmate Charles Lemons to languish in jail over eight months without letting him go to court. Contrary to the Sheriff’s FOP claims, Lemons being lost in the system was NOT the fault of the Court Clerk. The Sheriff’s Office failed to deliver Lemons’ paperwork to the Court Clerk. This lost paperwork was not an isolated instance. Despite having access to a $100,000 technology grant, the Sheriff’s office continues to clumsily use paper files of inmate data to the clerk’s office.

Contrary to the Sheriff’s FOP statement, it was the Sheriff himself that released a part of one of Lemon’s phone calls to the media, but only in an attempt to give a false impression that Lemons wanted to be in jail. Upon release of the full transcript of the calls in the media, it was revealed that Lemons had repeatedly pleaded with the Sheriff’s office for his day in court. His pleas were ignored. It took an employee of the private medical contractor at the jail to listen to the man and secure the legal rights he deserved.

I will continue to advocate for the best use of taxpayer dollars, despite the shameful bullying tactics the Sheriff and his FOP political arm.”

The OCSO FOP representatives said if the DA fails to act, they’ll find other avenues to protect their deputies.

“We would just like for him to work with the sheriff and let us do our jobs,” Beesley said. “Let us be able to go to work without the additional pressure of the constant things that he’s looking at.”

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 155 representing the employees of the OCSO released the following response to Calvey:

“Calvey’s attempt at playing a victim of being bullied is a joke. Calvey is the bully! He takes his personal dislike for the sheriff out on the entire agency and it’s families. Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputies are some of the lowest paid law enforcement officers in the state. They work off duty jobs to supplement their income to live and support their families. Our members, the Deputies of Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office work with the utmost pride and professionalism to serve the citizens of all of Oklahoma County. They do a very difficult, very stressful, dangerous job because they want to serve their community. They put their lives on the line for very low pay. Commissioner Calvey’s attempts to take away the ability of our members to work in our churches, malls and businesses protecting citizens of this county to supplement their income is bullying. It is an attack on our members and their families. Commissioner Calvey if you don’t want them working of duty jobs, work with the sheriff and help him pay his deputies, our FOP members, a living wage.

Commissioner Calvey is the bully. He has a history of being a bully and making false and outlandish statements for the cameras. An Oklahoma County Commissioner makes roughly $106,000.00 annually (It should be noted all Oklahoma County elected officials make roughly the same annual Salary). An Oklahoma County deputy makes roughly $34,000.00. Commissioner Calvey himself works jobs outside (although we do question if his extra jobs maybe during the hours he should be serving the Oklahoma County taxpayer). He holds seminars on preparing wills and estate planning. Oh, and let’s not forget his attempt at working as a lobbyist while serving as an Oklahoma County commissioner. Come on Calvey stay in your lane and lay off our members and their families!!!!

One final comment. The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Fraternal Order of police is not a political arm of PD Taylor. We have a board of directors that is responsible to our membership. Commissioner Calvey is against Public Safety and is not s friend of law enforcement. He is not looking out for the best interests of the citizens of Oklahoma County and their safety. He clearly does not understand what the Fraternal Order of Police is. His response to our media release that aired on KFOR on 01-31-20 6pm newscast is perfect example of who is the real bully in Oklahoma County.”

News 4 tried to reach Prater for comment by phone and email, but he has not yet responded.

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