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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Department of Transportation released a new state map and pamphlet this week.

Every two years, ODOT reveals a new state map.

“Every time the map is out it’s got a new theme, but this year we’re particularly interested and excited because most people don’t realize the rich culture Oklahoma has,” Terri Angier with ODOT said.

So, that became the new map’s theme.

“It’s an amazing diverse culture in Oklahoma. Many people who have really blended into our culture and we don’t even know they came from Asian countries, Greece, from Germany and Italy have huge presence here,” Angier said.

So when you grab a copy, you’re not just getting a map but also a history lesson.

However, ODOT officials said these pamphlets aren’t as popular as they once were.

“On a national level with the aide of electronics, many of the states have either reduced greatly or eliminated the printing,” Angier said.

At one time, they printed three billion of them here in Oklahoma. That is now down to about a million.

“We normally have two printings. So, we start with about 2/3rds of it for example like 800,000 and then we print another 300,000,” Angier said.

With technology at the forefront of our everyday lives, we asked some Oklahomans if they can remember the last time they opened a physical map. Most people said they couldn’t remember because they usually use a map app on their smartphone.

ODOT officials want to encourage you to grab a copy, and learn a little more about our state.

Those one million maps will cost around $200,000 to print.