SUNRISE, Florida (KFOR/Storyful) – Vest cam video shows two different angles of a police officer in Sunrise, Florida becoming enraged with a man officers had detained. When a female officer tried to de-escalate the situation, the officer turned and put his hand around her throat.

The detainee, who was suspected of punching another man in the face, was not cooperating with officers’ commands to get into the patrol car. He claimed an officer was pulling on the back of his handcuffs.

After finally complying, Officer Christopher Pullease points a canister of pepper spray at the suspect and yells, “You f**king want to play f**king games? You’re playing with the wrong motherf**ker!”

The suspect responds, “You gonna mace me, mace me.”

Officer Pullease then yells at the man to not disrespect the officers and says, “I’ll remove your f**king soul from your f**king body!”

At that moment, a female officer tried to de-escalate the encounter by rushing in and pulling Pullease by the back of his belt, which is what officers are trained to do in similar situations.

Pullease then turns and grabs her by the throat, saying, “Don’t ever f**king touch me again!”

Sunrise Police placed Pullease on administrative leave at the time of the incident. He is now charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, tampering with evidence on his cellphone, assault on a law enforcement officer, and assault on a civilian male.