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OKLAHOMA – A home invasion ended with an officer shooting a suspect with an AR-15 rifle.

The officer, Shawn Callaway, a four-year veteran of the department, is now on administrative leave with pay.

They said a teenage girl was home alone, when suspects burst inside.

The teen’s mother said her daughter is pretty upset and shaken up by it, especially because police are still looking for other suspects they believe are armed.

Police said suspects got inside the apartment through the front door, kicking and cracking the door until it gave in.

Robert Refe lives just upstairs from where it happened.

“We were in the bedroom watching TV and heard glass crashing, doors kicking,” Refe said.

Police said the teenage girl inside the apartment targeted by the suspects called 911.

One of the suspects, identified as Rodney Turner, was in the parking lot when police pulled up.

“Me and the officer came from over here. He was running ahead of me. He had an AR-15,” Refe said.

He said, when Officer Shawn Callaway, armed with an AR-15, approached Turner to question him, there was a violent scuffle.

“He grabbed the muzzle of his AR-15, and he wrestled it away,” Refe said. “The suspect stepped back and shot, and that’s when the officer emptied about six bullets in his direction.”

Turner was hit but managed to get way from cops.

Police said he left a gun behind.

He ended up a few blocks away at The Newport Apartments on N.W. 40th.

It’s where police found him and where turner died from gunshot wounds.

Police are still looking for at least five more suspects in connection to the home invasion.