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OKLAHOMA CITY – A dramatic car chase is caught on camera by Bob Moore Chopper 4.

It started with a taxi cab driver getting carjacked and ended with the suspect hiding in the woods near I-35 and NW 63rd.

After being arrested, the suspect admitted what he did.

“I didn’t have no money so this is what I had to do,” said the suspect, 30-year-old Michael Patton. “I messed up, but remember I take care of my kids no matter what.”

Police say Patton stole and crashed the Yellow Cab, while officers used GPS to track the van’s location.

When the alleged cabbie carjacker, wearing a blonde wig, ditched the cab and tried to escape on foot, Bob Moore Chopper 4 led police right to him.

After police cuffed the confessed crook, Patton explained he needed money because he has 11 kids and another on the way.

“I confess to my sins and I’m gonna do my time,” said Patton. “I got a degree. I was going to school to be a cop, but I lost my mind over these kids.”

Luckily, while the cab was damaged during the chase, the cab driver escaped without major injury.

“He stabbed me,” said victim Shahid Mian. “He wanted to try and kill me, and he said get out of the cab so I got out.”

Sitting in the squad car, Patton confessed to other recent thefts.

“I stole a necklace from Penn Square Mall,” admitted Patton.

Before being taken to jail, he offered some advice for the city’s youth.

“If kids is watching this, don’t do no crime or you will do the time,” said Patton.

The suspect admitted to at least 3 different crimes, but Oklahoma City police say he doesn’t have a history of being arrested.