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OKLAHOMA CITY — Officials with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission say they expect to have their website fully restored on Tuesday after being targeted by a cyber attack.

Last week, the Office of Management and Enterprise Services decided to shut down the OCC’s network following an attack.

“We immediately engaged our cyber command team and mitigate what’s going on,”  Shelley Zumwalt, with OMES, told News 4.

For more than a week, employees at the agency have been forced to enter information by hand. However, that also meant that the public couldn’t log on to file consumer complaints, request data or access information on public utilities.

By Monday night, the OCC’s website was restored for internal users.  Agency officials tell News 4 they expect to have the full website up and running sometime on Tuesday.

When asked what caused the issue, officials with OMES said that a hacker used malware called ‘Zero Day’ to target the agency’s network.

They say it is an ongoing investigation, and law enforcement is involved.


However, no sensitive data was compromised in the attack.