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CHOCTAW, Okla. – Authorities in Choctaw are searching for four men who allegedly stole medication and firearms from a home while pretending to be with law enforcement.

On April 26, officers were called to a reported home invasion in the 5100 block of N. Choctaw Rd. in Choctaw.

The resident and his wife told police that three men, who claimed to be police officers, came to the door for a shots fired call and asked if they had any guns in the home.

When the man said yes, police say the suspects forced their way inside and pulled a gun of their own, ordering the family to show them where the guns were located.

At the same time, officials say the men allegedly stole various prescription medications and cash before leaving the home.

Authorities with the Choctaw Police Department say the suspects stole several firearms, including an AR-15.

The couple says a fourth man, who the other suspects called ‘Chief,’ had some type of badge hanging on a chain around his neck.

All of the men were wearing normal clothes, but nothing that identified them as police officers.

“You want to be careful when people come to your door and say they are the police,” said Choctaw Police Cpl. Robert Snyder. “If they’re not in uniform or don’t have a real badge, ask for their credentials.”

If that doesn’t work, police say you can always call 911.

“The dispatchers are usually the 911 operators, they can look and see that there are officers at your house,” Snyder said. “People instinctively trust a police officer when they’re coming to the door thinking they have official business being there. This kind of throws that trust out.”

Snyder also recommends writing down the serial numbers for your firearms, which can make them easier to track down.

Other area agencies have not reported any similar crimes, Snyder said.

Investigators say the suspects are all described as black males, standing 6’0″ to 6’4″ tall with thin builds. One of the men was also wearing black horn-rimmed glasses.

At the time of the alleged home invasion, they were all armed with black semi-automatic handguns.

If you have any information on the crime or the suspects, call the Choctaw Police Department at (405) 769-3821.