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OKLAHOMA CITY – Investigators are searching for the person or people responsible for disfiguring a 3-month-old puppy found wandering alone in the city’s south side.

The puppy, named Rocky by his now foster parents, was found on the 1600 block of S.W. 28th Street with both ears cut off at the scalp.

Kaylee Doonkeen and her husband were woken by Rocky’s cries in the middle of the night the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

“It’s terrible,” Doonkeen said. “He looked like his ears were folded back.”

But, upon closer inspection, they found his ears were cut off leaving bloodied, open wounds.

“It looks like they were torturing this dog,” Doonkeen said.

They called Animal Welfare, and the puppy’s wounds were immediately treated. Now, he’s being watched for infection as the wounds continue to heal.

“Our vet seems to think he’s going to be fine,” said Animal Welfare superintendent Jon Gary. “He’ll never have ears. Eventually, the fur will kind of grow over it, but it didn’t affect his hearing.”

Gary said there’s a lot of animal cruelty in Oklahoma City, but this case is unique.

“We’ve had some cruelty cases where the dog had a bad cropping of their ears but, in this case, someone intentionally removed the entire ear, and we typically don’t see something like that,” Gary said.

Despite the mutilation, Rocky is still friendly and trusting.

“He’s happy and wanting to play and be a normal puppy,” Gary said. “But, I can imagine, whenever this was happening to him, it was pretty horrific for him.”

Finding his attackers is about more than the felony charges they could face.

“There’s definitely a link between animal cruelty, and domestic violence and domestic abuse,” Gary said. “And, so, this is a bigger picture than people realize, and it’s really important that we do our jobs to try and determine who may have done this.”

Anyone with information that could help find the owner or the person responsible can call Animal Welfare at 405-297-3117.

Donations for his medical treatment can be sent to the Animal Welfare Angel Fund, which pays for extraordinary veterinary bills.

Because he still has more healing to do and the investigation is still ongoing, Gary said Rocky won’t be ready to be considered for adoption for several weeks.