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STILLWATER, Okla. — After an Oklahoma bail bonds agent was found not guilty of murdering a client, the Payne County District Attorney released a key piece of evidence in the case.

It was Aug. 9, 2017 when Chasity Carey made a frantic 911 call to Stillwater police, saying she shot Brandon Williams.

“I just shot a man on top of the roof of the town center,” said Chasity Carey in 911 call.

“Okay ma’am, is he still on top of the building?” said the dispatcher.
“Yes ma’am, as far as I can see,” Carey said.

Williams had been released on a $35,000 bond in a second-degree burglary case. He owed about $3,500 to Carey, who was serving as his bond agent.

The night before the shooting, investigators say Carey received a text from Williams that read, “Gone to Florida.”

Thinking he was about to skip state without paying, Carey came up with a plan to arrest him.

The video from Carey’s son’s GoPro camera shows Williams walking in the office and taking a seat, but things quickly escalated when Carey got up and locked the door.

“Stand up, get against the wall and put your hands behind your back,” Carey said.

“What, what do you mean?” Williams is heard saying.

At that point, Williams is heard telling Carey to not touch him and you see a curtain move. Carey runs to her drawer, grabs her gun and shoots Williams.

“Mom, you shot him,” Carey’s son said.

“I did,” she said.

Carey was ultimately arrested on one county of first-degree murder, but a jury found her not guilty of the charge.

Carey’s defense attorney told News 4 that jurors said if the prosecution charged her with manslaughter, they would have found her guilty.

“The video is obviously shocking, to anybody who’s seen this video, they’re going to be asking themselves how in the world did the jury come to the conclusion that they came to,” said Noble McIntyre, the  family’s attorney.

Now the family of Williams is pushing for a civil suit.

“There’s a little two year old who doesn’t have a father anymore and he’s never going to have a father. It doesn’t matter if there’s money or not, it’s not bringing him back, but they do want justice for him,” said McIntyre.

McIntyre said he is confident the jurors in the civil case will find Carey guilty.

“I am very confident in this case that the jury’s going to be unanimous in the finding that what she did, that in Oklahoma we do not allow Oklahoma to grab a gun and shoot somebody in the back that’s trying to get away, that’s made no aggressive moves toward you, that’s just something we don’t do here,” he said.

McIntyre said the biggest concern is how to keep this from happening to another family.

The Payne County District Attorney’s office said the D.A. was not issuing a statement or comment.